Our Promise

Tiny cake house is committed to providing an experience of flavor that will create a moment that brings you together with others to share your love for life.

New Item!

Newborn Cakes

There is one special day that each person celebrates every year, our birthday, but wouldn't it be extra special to celebrate your little one's“0” birthday or newborn day. Order from four unique styles and three flavors of cake for your newborn to celebrate their actual day. Yes, we know that the baby can't eat the cake just yet, however we look at this as a special day to celebrate for the entire family.


New Flavor

Lime and Tarragon

Have you ever thought to try lime and tarragon together in a cake? We have and it's a, deliciouse, green velvet, citrusy cake.. You can try it at the Grant Park Farmers Market or Call us to order today!

Try it!