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Teree was super helpful and attentive to our needs and ideas. Our cake was gorgeous and absolutely delicious. We got so many compliments on it. 
-Update: A whole year later and our wedding cake still tastes amazing! Thank you so much again, Teree LeSueur !”
- --Charisse Johnson
"Absolutly amazing, most delicious cake we have ever eaten and the most beautiful"




I have absolutely enjoyed your dessert croutons. I shared 2 croutons and that was too many. I WILL NEVER SHARE AGAIN! I just ate the croutons right out the bag. They are packed with so much flavor. Your butter pecan cake, WOW! MOIST AND DELICIOUS! I can't wait to place my birthday order
Sherlyns Designs


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Our Company

At Tiny Cake House, we specialize in creating custom cakes and small desserts for weddings, events, and birthdays. With our attention to detail and passion for baking, we strive to make every celebration extra special. Our talented team of bakers and decorators work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life, ensuring that each cake is a work of art. Whether you're looking for an elegant wedding cake or a whimsical birthday treat, we have the skills and creativity to exceed your expectations. Join us in indulging in the sweetest moments of life.

Our Flavors Help Us to Stand Out

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Buttered Pecan Cake

Do you like buttered pecan ice cream?  Think of this as buttered pecan  ice cream in cake form.

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Pineapple Spice Cake

Pineapple cake with all fall the spice spices

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Apple Cake

Sweet apples fill this fall favorite

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Sour Cream Nutmeg Cake

Vintage recipe.  Melt in your mouth sour cream cake spiced with nutmeg

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Caramel Cake

Moist yellow cake layered with caramel filling

Canva Design DAFvLBGxyEs

Carrot Cake

Another winter favorite filled with carrots, spices, and layered with brown butter cream cheese frosting

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Almond Rose Sponge

Vintage Recipe. Almond sponge cake with rose water

Canva Design DAFvLBGxyEs

Lemon Pound Cake

Soft, tangy, and moist lemon pound cake

Canva Design DAFvLBGxyEs

Allspice Cake

Vintage recipe. All your fall spices in one cake with a little bit of brandy

Frequently Asked Question

How do I place an order?

You can place an order by giving us a call or fill out one of the inquiry forms on the the home page.

How big of a cake do I need?

The serving sizes are based on party servings, wedding servings a smaller so you will have more servings Our layered cakes are usually 4-5in high with 4 layers of cake.

6 in cake  serves 10-12 people

8 in cake serves 15-20 people

10in cake serves 25-28 people

12 in cake serves 33-36 people

How far in advance do I need to order?

For birthday cakes you need to order at least a week in advance; for wedding cakes at least 30 days in advance.  Orders with short lead times will incur a rush fee.

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